FBC Van is involved in two ministries in Zambia, Africa.


We partner with missionary Vincent Luwizhi in establishing projects to bring a better life to the people of Grippis to show them the love of Christ and then to share the gospel with them. This past summer, we were able to supply the funds to construct a restroom for the Mango Grove Community School in the Grippis community outside of Lusaka, Zambia.  This construction was complete using local Zambians as they learned.  The funds were also able to help teach the young men carpenter skills as they learned to build school desks for the classrooms that were built the prior year.



 You can read more about their ministry at:

The second partnership is with the Ishique No Ishe orphanage which is outside of Lusaka in a rural village.  We have been able to support the construction of classrooms for the children with particular focus on expanding the orphanage to become a boarding school for students.  One of our church members was able to travel with a medical team this past summer and provide support.  The church was able to raise $2,500 for the local villagers to make bricks for the construction of the 4 classrooms and 2 dorms, one for 75 girls and one for 75 boys.

More information regarding the orphanage and the work done by Jasper and Zion Mutale can be found at: