Elijah ran. He ran as fast as he could from God – away from the mountaintop and straight to the desert.  What he found in the desert was depressing. He didn’t really want to return to the mountain and face God, so he decided he’d just rather die in the desert.

Death instead of surrender. Sounds like a great mantra from a movie – it just doesn’t make for good Christ-following.

 I recently saw a current study published May 25, 2016, from the Barna Group (www.barna.org).  It states, “A majority of American adults across age group, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status and political ideology expresses concern about the nation’s moral condition – eight in 10 overall (80%).”

However, even though there is concern over America’s moral condition, there is no consensus on the basis for morality. A majority of Americans (57%) believe that right and wrong is a matter of personal experience.

According to the report, “Three-quarters of Millennials (74%) agree strongly or somewhat with the statement, ‘Whatever is right for your life or works best for you is the only truth you can know.’” That statistic is a sad one.

Running from God’s standards and God’s Word will lead a person straight to the desert. The spiritual desert is an empty, tragic place. While my running from the mountaintop may seem like an expression of my freedom, in the end, it really hurts me the most – cutting me off from what really brings sustenance, joy, peace, and life: Jesus.

The article concludes with this: “The highest good, according to our society, is ‘finding yourself’ and then living by ‘what’s right for you’. . . . When we peel back the layers, we find that many Christians are using the way of Jesus to pursue the way of self. . . . While we wring our hands about secularism spreading through the culture, a majority of churchgoing Christians have embraced corrupt, me-centered theology.”

My prayer for a nation that seems to be running as fast as it can from God is this: “May all who seek to satisfy their thirst from the empty vessels of the world come to Jesus and dive head-first into His fulfilling, refreshing, never-ending Water that is life itself.”

If you’re running, come back to the mountaintop. You’ll find what you really need there.


Source: “The End of Absolutes: America’s New Moral Code,”