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Week 25. Read Micah 7:1-20 to see the context of this week’s verse (that’s all of chapter 7). This is one of the best single chapters in the Bible for learning about God’s character and His relationship with sinners like us. In the first section (vv. 1-7), Micah laments Israel’s sinful state (vv. 1-2a), outlines the sins they’re guilty of (vv. 2b-6), but confidently trusts that the Lord will hear them and provide salvation for them (v. 7). The second section (vv. 8-13) is a message from Israel to their enemies, putting their hope and trust in the Lord—“I will see His salvation,” (v. 9). And finally, the last section (vv. 14-20), is a beautiful message of God’s displeasure against sin but faithful love for sinners. There are consequences to our sin (vv. 14-17), but there is a gracious Redeemer who will “cast all our sins into the depths of the sea,” (v. 19). This is a very clear Gospel message in the Old Testament! Ask your family these questions to dig deeper into the text: Have you ever been to the ocean? How deep do you think it is? What would happen if you dropped something valuable in the water and it sank down to the bottom? How would you retrieve it? How does it make you feel that God has cast your sin into the deepest part of the ocean where it can never be recovered? After you finish asking the questions, take turns reading through the key verse in your booklet and memorize it together!

Every verse in the Bible points us to the Good News of Jesus Christ. What Gospel Connections do we find in Micah 7:19? (1) Cast our sins. How is it that God can just cast our sins away? I thought our sin condemns us (Romans 6:23), separates us from God (Isaiah 59:2), and must be punished (Psalm 145:20). So did God just sweep our sin under the rug and forget about it? No! He dealt with it! He was condemned in our place, separated from God for us, and punished to absorb God’s wrath against our sin. The cross is the reason why God can cast our sin into the depths of the sea! (2) Into the depths of the sea. This is a metaphor that represents the most remote, most inaccessible, most impossible place to reach. He has cast our sin to a place where no one could ever retrieve them to come back and use them to accuse us! We are forgiven in such a way that our sins can never be held to our account! Can you see any more pathways to the Gospel in Micah 7:19? We would love to hear about it! Send us a quick email at and let us know!

An animated overview of the book of Micah.

A spoken word poem about Micah 7:19.

A little song to help us memorize our verse this week.