Crossover is a rite-of-passage for boys leaving our kids’ ministry and entering our student ministry. Crossover is a collaboration between our pastors, our staff, our men’s ministry, kids’ ministry, student ministry, and our deacons. It is our privilege and responsibility to instill godly values in our sons and grandsons and forge a generation of young men with unstoppable FAITH, unshakable COURAGE, unyielding SACRIFICE, unwavering LEADERSHIP, and unbreakable BROTHERHOOD
This year Crossover will be held on Saturday, August 7th at a property in Edgewood. We will meet in the afternoon for fishing, football, axe throwing, clay shooting, barbeque, and finally, the Crossover ceremony. Pastor Mark will teach on the five edges of the warrior’s shield—faith, courage, sacrifice, leadership, and brotherhood—and then each of our young men will kneel before a cross, surrounded by his father, grandfather, church leaders, and his deacon, and will pledge himself to being a man of faith.
Because this is our first year of Crossover, we are opening it up to every young man in our student ministry, regardless of age. We welcome students going into Junior High (7th grade) all the way through Seniors in High School (12th grade). REGISTER YOUR STUDENT HERE. Registration will be open until Sunday, July 25th.