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Encouragement and Support


Our missionaries need our encouragement. Individually we can lift them up by sending them a note or a care package. We can email them. We can call them. Occasionally let them know you are thinking about them. You can assist them by going to the field and working alongside them.


provides the best way for Southern Baptists
to work together to reach lost people.

Our gifts are vitally important to keep our
missionaries in the field where we cannot go.

Let us give together.

Let us go together.

Our missionaries are counting on us.

Reaching the unreached depends on it.



Get directly involved in missions at the local and regional level. You can get started by participating in or giving to these ministries, or by providing prayer support:

Van Community Ministries – Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

 is a charitable organization providing assistance locally to low-income families.  Please consider becoming a partner in providing basic services to residents in crisis in Van ISD. Find out how by calling 903.521.0122.

Luwizhi’s Act of Mercy

is the ministry of Vincent and Samantha Luwizhi.  We partner with missionaries Vincent and Samantha in establishing projects to bring a better life to the people of Grips to show them the love of Christ and then to share the gospel with them. 


Recognizing the long-term needs of those in Texas, The Missions Committee would like to recommend that FBC Van support Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief through the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.  If you would like to contribute in this way, you may do so through FBC by your designation of 
“Hurricane Relief Fund”.
You may also give directly to SBTC on their website. You can do so by clicking on the link on this page.  There you can also find out how your money will be used and other ways you may be able to assist.
If you wish to give a check through FBC Van mail to PO Box 1050, Van, TX, or go to our “Donate” button and choose Disaster Relief.   All gifts will be forwarded directly to SBTC.  The below link also has information on how you can help or volunteer.