Two people are better than one. When two people work together, they get more work done.  If one person falls, the other person can reach out to help.

   Ecclesiates 4:9-10a  ERV

In August:  Join us on Monday, August 13th at 6:30 pm! 


There will be a community project for our August meeting. We will put together small gift bags to give to the Van ISD Intermediate campus teachers their first week back after summer vacation.  Example: a bag with a few chocolates or a small bottle of hand sanitizer (or both) with a cute card attached.

There are a total of 35 bags needed for the Intermediate campus.  This includes teachers, nurse, librarian and special education teachers. 

Between now and August 13 we will be collecting:

small bottles of purse size hand sanitizers and bags of chocolate candy (i.e. Hershey kisses, hugs, etc.)

If you would like to donate items, please bring them to the table in front of the office.  

We hope you will be able to join us!

In July:  Michelle Evette was a great encouragement to us all as she shared her skills in teaching us to paint our own work of art!   
In June: Patti Foster was a great encouragement to us all as she shared what she has learned through her experience fighting back after Tramatic Brain Injury.   Some of the things that were taken away from the meeting …..
“Never give up” – Carolyn 
“Make a difference now” – Tammy 
“Keep going, don’t give up.” – Cheryl 
“Don’t grow weary.” “I liked her saying there are no coincidences, instead calling them ‘Godcidences'”.- Cindy
“In due time…you must serve and do good in the waiting…make a difference NOW…
not when everything is worked out…in the journey!”  Cheryl 
“Lean into Jesus and to each other.  We need each other.  Pay attention to the details.” – Molly
“Be true to yourself and all of those around you because you never know exactly how someone really feels about you unless you tell them.
Be a good example of how you want those around you to be!! Love everyone!  Pray for your enemies.” – Allison
“Don’t grow weary…keep encouraging…keep doing good. Gal. 6:9” – Brenda